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• Tuition is due the first of each month.  This can be paid via cash, check, credit card, or debit card and can be paid online through your parent portal.  Please use the payment box in the lobby for checks and cash.


• You may sign up for AutoPay through your parent portal.


• There is no additional charge when there are 5 lessons in a month, and no discount when there are three.  


• Tuition is an annual charge divided by eight, not by the lesson or number of lessons in a month. We do not have make up classes for studio closings.


• Tuition is not prorated for absences, and dancers are encouraged to make up any missed classes in appropriate age, genre, and level classes within TWO WEEKS of missed class. Make up classes are not available within two months of recital, due to choreography differences in each class.


• Sibling discount is 10% off tuition for the child with the least studio hours per week.  Three or more siblings receive additional discounts.


• LATE FEE: A $10 late fee will be added to each account if not paid by the 10th of each month.  This will be automatically added on the 10th of each month to all accounts.  


DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Accounts must be up to date before the recital, and any dancer with a delinquent account will be unable to participate until payments are up to date.  Costumes will also be withheld until balances are paid. If tuition becomes two months overdue, dancers will be asked to sit out of class. Costumes will not be ordered for dancers two months delinquent.


DROPPING CLASS: If dropping a class, please notify the office.  You must pay in full for any month you are registered for a class.  We also must receive a 30 day notice so we can fill your dancer’s spot.  Simply discontinuing attendance does not constitute withdrawal.


REGISTRATION FEE: Registration fee is $35 for our regular season or $50 per family. Summer registration is $10 per dancer. This is non-refundable.


COSTUME FEE: Check the class description for recital and costume information.  Costumes are $80 each. Costumes will not go home with dancers who owe money.


RECITAL FEE: A recital fee is due March 15.  $50 per student, max $100 per family.  This covers the cost of stage rental, programs, sets, trophies, production, etc.


RETURNED CHECKS: $35 returned check fee and applicable late fee will be applied.


2020 - 2021 Tuition


Class Hours

Per Week

Monthly Tuition

30 minutes         $45


45 minutes         $55


1 hour                 $60


1.25 hour            $70


1.5 hour              $75


1.75 hour           $80


2 hours              $85


2.25 hours         $90


2.5 hours           $95


2.75 hours        $100


3 hours              $105


3.25 hours        $110


3.5 hours          $115


3.75 hours        $120


4 hours             $125


4.25 hours        $128


4.5 hours          $131


4.75 hours        $134


5 hours              $137


5.5 hours           $141


6 hours              $147


7 hours              $157


8 hours              $167


9 hours              $177