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Class Schedule 2020 - 2021


Acro: Ages 5-18.  This style teaches flexibility, agility, and tumbling including aerial work.  Acro 2 students must demonstrate a round-off and a fall-to-bridge. Acro 3 students must demonstrate both a front and back walkover. Acro 4 students have a working aerial and/or back handspring. Students will advance to the next level when these requirements are met per level.  45 minutes. NO RECITAL OR COSTUME FEE, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE 1 HOUR RECITAL ACRO (please see description under “Recital Acro”).


Acro Open Gym: Designed for our homeschool dancers, one hour each Friday. Dancers will participate in Acro, as well as fitness, conditioning, games, and fun.


Ballet 1, 2, 3, Teen Ballet: Ages 8+. Ballet technique both at the barre and center floor, as well as ballet choreography. 45 minute ballet class. Teacher placement required and students can be shifted within the first month to ensure proper level of class. One recital costume.


Ballet/Jazz Combo (Baby Ballerinas, PK Combo, K-2nd Grade Combo and K2 Combo): Ages 3-8 (through 2nd Grade). Ballet/Jazz combination, with the focus on building strong ballet technique and a love for dance. Jazz, lyrical, and improv will also be introduced when age appropriate.  Baby Ballerinas and younger dancers will focus on the joy of music and movement while developing a strong foundation of ballet and jazz. 45 minute class. One recital dance and one costume.


Dance U Cheer Team.  By audition, ages 5-12. Two separate teams this year: PINK and SILVER. This hour class by audition prepares the team in choreography for performances. Non-competitive, multiple performance opportunities. Additional fees will apply for shoes, costumes, pom poms, and other cheer essentials. Class is 60 minutes and an additional acro class is required..


Dance U Company. By audition, ages 8-18.  Class is required for company dancers.  Competition dances including solos, duets, trios and groups will be decided within the class. Additional fees will apply for competitions, choreography, costumes, performance trips, etc. Some competition dances will be performed in the recital. Most classes are 75 minutes and additional classes are required.


DU Hip Hop Crew: By audition, ages 10-18. This hour class is to prepare DU Crew members for choreography in performances. Non-competitive, multiple performance opportunities. Additional fees will apply for shoes, costumes, and other essentials.  Class is 60 minutes.


Homeschool Dance Intensive: Ages 7+. Two hour class each week for our motivated dancers to explore technique, mainly in ballet and jazz.  Fundamentals, stretching, extended barre work, leaps and turns, and still some time for fun each Friday. No recital dance or costume. This class will follow our regular tuition fees this year.


Hip Hop 1-5 and MINI HIP HIP: Ages 4-18. Mini Hip Hop is new this year and open to 4-5 year olds. This fun-filled co-ed class focuses on improving coordination, strength, and flexibility in a high energy class learning the latest hip hop trends.  Ages 4 and up and placed by age, not experience. 45 minutes. One recital dance and costume.


Jazz 1, 2, 3, Teen: Ages 8+. Jazz technique, flexibility, turns, leaps, and kicks. 45 minute jazz class.  Teacher placement required and students can be shifted within the first month to ensure proper level of class. One recital costume


Leaps and Turns/Jumps and Turns: Ages 8-18. No recital dance or costume.


Lyrical: Ages 7+. A beautiful dance genre engaging students in both ballet and jazz technique while focusing on the musicality in movement.  Enrollment in ballet or leaps and turns is also recommended. Lyrical 1 ages 7+, Lyrical 2 Ages 11+. One recital dance and costume.


Musical Theater: Ages 6+.  This class combines ballet and jazz technique focusing on multiple Broadway styles and music combining singing, acting, and dancing.  This will introduce dancers to both classical and current musicals. Lyrical 1 ages 6-11, Lyrical 2 ages 8+. One costume and one recital dance.


Pointe 1, 2: Ages 11+. Teacher evaluation required.  At least 4 years of ballet experience as well as teacher placement for level 1. One recital dance and one costume.


Pom: Ages 5-11.  Pom is a dance style that involves jazz and hip hop moves with strong arm movements with pom poms.  Introductory tumbling, jumps, and flexibility will be taught. 45 minutes. One recital dance and costume.


Recital Acro: All skill levels welcome and dancers are assigned by age, not skill level.  This one hour acro class will focus on skills in our regular acro classes but will also be in the recital with an acro dance. Ages 8-13. One costume.


Street Jazz: Ages 10+ Jazz/Hip Hop fusion, just like they dance on TV!  Jazz technique in the latest style to the latest, but always appropriate music.  One recital dance and costume.


Tap: Ages 4+  Lace those tap shoes and come enjoy the fun of rhythm while building coordination and strength.  All classes are assigned by age until 3rd grade, then level 1-6 depending on skills mastered. 30 minutes.  One recital dance and one costume.


Tiny Tumble: Ages 18 months-5 (not yet in kindergarten). Tumblers engage in fun music and movement activities, with the focus being on basic tumbling, flexibility, building strength and coordination. 30 minute class. No recital or costume.

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